Besides being a Christian, I am an apologetics nerd. I am currently pursing an advanced degree focusing on Christian apologetics and hope soon to teach within a church setting. I enjoy sharing my faith, but in doing so, simply listening to others with different views and opinions. I believe our culture has lost the ability to properly engage others with opposing views, especially when it comes to matters of faith. I hope this blog is a very small step towards changing that. My aim is to make this an interactive blog and I greatly welcome questions people may have about Christianity, faith in general and big meaning of life stuff, so please do not hesitate to email such questions to me at relevantbelief@gmail.com.

Also understand I am only intending to scratch the surface with most issues. I hope that each post will cause others to pursue the topics further, ask more questions, and seek truth. I will provide as many resources as possible to do just that!

Thanks for visiting!